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We've all seen the highlight videos of Houston Texans defensive end JJ Watt catching touchdown passes on ESPN. 3 offensive plays, 3 catches so far this year. Now, ESPN wants to go a step further with their fixation of JJ Watt catching those 3 touchdown passes and say that JJ Watt would be "much, much better" than Patriots. No that's not a misprint.

J.J. Watt has played tight end for probably less than 30 seconds this season. Three plays. Three routes. Three touchdown catches. Not a very large sample size. But I've seen enough to know that if the Houston Texans All-Pro defensive end ever wanted to switch to the other side of the ball and go back to his original position of tight end, he would never be as good as, say, the Patriots Rob Gronkowski.

He'd be better. Much, much better.

You'd have to be a fool to deny his talent - the guy's just nasty and he's right in the thick of the MVP talks for me. I'm still partial towards Tom Brady, mind you, but Watt should be in the discussions in my books. He's got 11.5 sacks so far this year, and this year, he's done something no one else has done in NFL history: catch 3 offensive TD"s, return an interception for a TD, and recover a fumble for a TD in the same season. But a better tight end than Gronk? He's only caught 3 passes this season, all for touchdowns. We all know he can make tackles, but can he break tackles like Gronk can? I'm not sure. He's obviously very talented, as I stated above, but the sample size is too small for me to make a sure judgement one way or another. Put him in on a passing down a couple times, give him the ball, and see what he does. That might sway me that he can play tight end just as good as Gronk. Granted, that's still pretty darn good, but until he starts breaking tackles like Gronk does instead of making tackles, I'm not entirely convinced. I do think he has the ability to be a good tight end, though, but it's still hard to convince me that he'd be better than Rob Gronkowski.

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Conor Frederick 12/05/2014 11:40:00 AM Edit

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