Four reasons the San Diego Chargers could pose a threat

Philip Rivers, via Boston Herald
I'll start this blog by saying this...I do not believe the Chargers will beat the New England Patriots. The Patriots are notoriously successful coming off a loss, and they are a better football team than the Chargers.

That being said, it's important to look at potential problems and threats that the Chargers could pose.

1. San Diego is a great December football team. Philip Rivers is 30-6 in that month.

2. The Chargers have three very good wide receivers in Keenan Allen, Malcolm Floyd, and Eddie Royal.

3. Ryan Mathews and Brandon Oliver are a formidable running back duo.

4. The Chargers have the 8th overall defense in the league.

In a 60 minute football game, things can go wrong and problems can arise. Should they, expect those four listed above to be what gives the Patriots fits. New England could be in for a battle Sunday night if they take the Chargers lightly.

The Patriots are still a Super Bowl favorite following their loss to the Packers. The Patriots needed just a few more plays and they would have beat them. I don't expect the Patriots to have much of an issue against San Diego, especially when you consider the Patriots need this win to stay atop the AFC.

Expect Sunday night to either be a blow out win or a game that comes down to the last play, with whoever has the ball last being the victor.

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