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The college season is nearing its close and several teams have already fired their underperfoming head coaches. That means that the wild rumors have started on whom will hire whom.

Here is one that can definitely be filed under wild.

ESPN's Colin Cowherd is insinuating that New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is on Michigan's short list to become their next head coach.

This is an unofficial stat but officially if you asked every football team in the nation, pro or college, Bill Belichick would be on their "short list" for head coach.

Belichick is arguably the best head coach at the highest level of football, its doubtful that he would want to leave and go to a struggling football program at Michigan.

Stranger things have happened but I'm pretty sure that Belichick is on to San Diego.

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Thome 12/05/2014 03:58:00 PM Edit

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