Loss against Green Bay was hard for Brady!

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It has been a few days since the New England Patriots fell short against Green Bay. The loss was tougher to swallow than several teaspoons of cinnamon. It was even tougher for the uber competitive Tom Brady. Yes, that's right I said uber!

Marc Sessler from Around the NFL shares the Patriots quarterback's thoughts on the loss:

I just wish we won this one," said the Patriots quarterback. I think we put a lot into this one. This was a great test for us. I think the guys knew how important it was for our season, and you hate to have the ball on the 20-yard line under three minutes with a chance to go ahead -- and not do it. I think that sucked.

Anytime Brady uses "sucked" in an interview, you know something is chapping his "you know what".

The Patriots struggled on both sides of the ball. The offense really couldn't get any sort of momentum against the Packers defense. Brady completed 22/35 passes for 245 yards and two touchdowns. Despite the slow start on offense, Brady & company had their shots but just fell short of getting the "W". Defensively, the Pats just couldn't get off the field and force the Packers to punt.

Out of respect for Green Bay, you must give credit where credit is due. However, I think this humbling loss will keep the Patriots focused and hungry. We all know that a focused Patriots team means bad news for their remaining opponents.

The Patriots will go up against Phillip Rivers and a Chargers team that is looking to keep their playoff hopes alive.

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