New look for Rob Gronkowski: Maturity

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Hold up. I almost spit out my “Gronk Flakes” when seeing the words Gronkowski and mature being used in the same sentence. At least once a week, news breaks of the most recent stunt Rob Gronkowski has pulled, confirming fans’ love for his goofy personality. Kittens, cartoons and strategically placed tape are just a few we’ve seen this season so far.

But, like any fine wine, wisdom comes with time. It seems that Gronk’s time is coming quicker than expected.

According to ProFootballTalk,
“Brady said, via Tom Curran of “It’s been a lot of fun to see it. His football IQ and understanding of what it takes to be a professional and consistently and dependably be that type of player for our offense that he’s become, has been fun to see.

All jokes aside, it’s easy to see how much knowledge and passion Gronkowski has for the game of football. Not only have we come to expect Gronk to entertain us off the field, but we’ve also come to expect nothing less of amazing when the helmet comes on. Battling with injuries in past seasons, it comes as no surprise that one play can change the course for any player.

When asked about his past injuries and back problems, Gronk responded showing a more mature side.
“It could be taken away anytime. I’ve seen players come in at a young age and leave at a young age. You just gotta be prepared and perform to your best and be ready every day and don’t take anything for granted.”

It may not be the most entertaining act we’ve seen from Rob, but then again maybe it is. It’s almost a breath of fresh air to hear Brady and other teammates praise the tight end for his accomplishments and portrayal of hard work and not ragging on him for wresting an alligator (Could this be his next stunt?)

As football fans, we like to see our team succeed and ultimately win. There’s no greater feeling. The players have the same mentality and it’s been fun watching a team that’s viewed under a microscope come together and find the right groove.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: We love you Gronk. Stay just the way you are!

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