Packer fans aren't always on their best behavior

Doug Schneider, Press-Gazette:
Eight people were arrested at Sunday's game between the Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots at Lambeau Field. The eight arrests tied for second-highest of the season.

The Green Bay Police Department reported that 24 other people were ejected from the game for various misconduct violations. After a busy night last Sunday, local police had a lighter workload this week at Lambeau Field.

Three people were arrested and 29 were ejected Sunday afternoon from the Green Bay Packers' game against the Philadelphia Eagles on November 16th. The three arrests is down from a season-high 16 last week, while the 29 ejections matches the Packers-Bears total. The season high for ejections is 44, set during the Packers-Jets game.

The city of Green Bay, WI has 104, 779 residents. Attendance at the Packers-Patriots game on Sunday was 78, 431. This is 74% of the population. 26, 348 others shoveled.

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I was under the assumption that all midwesterners were nice and pleasant people. I guess I was wrong.

Paul Murphy is a freelance writer from New Hampshire.

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