Revis enjoying the "Patriot Way" for now

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When Darrelle Revis was acquired via free agency this summer he instantly made the New England Patriots defense better. The thought of one of the leagues best shut down corner backs in the hands of the top defensive mind in football propelled the Patriots to the top of the list of preseason Super Bowl favorites.

But Revis comes with a long history of contract disputes. Before the season got off the ground there were already talks swirling around his contract status in 2015 and we were left to wonder if Revis and Bill Belichick could make things work for more than a single season. Would he become immersed in the "Patriot Way" and keep the off-field issues behind closed doors or would we see the same old Revis that held out several years in a row in New York because he was not happy with his contract?

Until recently, Revis has been a quiet contributor to the Patriots defense, making plays as needed and doing what the Patriots coaching staff asked of him. In a story reported by ESPN's Mike Reiss we find out the Revis is liking the way things are done around here:
“Every organization has their own way of doing things," answered Revis, who has played with the Jets, Buccaneers and Patriots. "Now, being a part of this organization, things are different, just on how we pride on ourselves on trying to win each week, how we prepare, and how we go about ourselves as an organization. So I’m excited to be here, and just happy to be a part of a team that goes out there and gives their heart out every Sunday."
It's no secret that the Patriots pride themselves on the their weekly preparation, game planning specifically for each opponent like no other team in the league. Rather than just lining Revis up against one player every game we have seen him deployed in a myriad of ways in both man and zone coverages. He hasn't locked in on one receiver for an entire game on many occasions this season, but instead has lined up in the best position for him to make an impact on every down.   

With his contract status for 2015 up in the air, will the "Patriot Way" be enough to keep Revis from seeking greener pastures and the largest corner back contract on the market and more importantly, should it?

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