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The past week in Foxboro has been an exciting one. With a big win over San Diego last Sunday and only three games left in regular season, there is a lot to look forward to. The team as a whole seems to be in high spirits and have been enjoying some fun and jokes off the field. Whether it’s Gronk posing with kittens or Brady caught in a Belichick style cut-off hoodie holding a box of Uggs, it’s been smiles across the board. Except for one.

"No, I’m not comfortable. I’m not. I’ve been struggling for a while."

This was cornerback Darrelle Revis’s response when WEEI asked what his comfort level is in the Patriots defense since Week 1 against Miami. Seems Jonas Gray isn’t the only jokester on the team. Everyone can let out a sigh of relief; Revis was only pulling a fast one on us.

"I’m just joking,” he said paired with a grin. “Look, it’s a team effort, it’s a defensive effort. It’s all aboard,” he added. “We have great, talented players on this team, this defense. We just have to continue to play great team ball, chemistry ball. We’ve been doing that. Guys have been coming to work. It doesn’t have anything to do with me, or me being the focal point. Everybody is doing their job, and it’s working well for us.”

The offense has always been the strength of the Patriots, but even modest Revis can’t deny that things have drastically changed since his arrival and throughout the season. After a number of injuries and acquisitions, players were moved around left and right taking on different roles.

"There’s always going to be acquisitions during the year — that’s really on coach and the coaching staff, making sure they bring in the right guys to fit in to our system." "It’s been working great for us, getting guys from other teams to come here, play and contribute. It’s not like a ‘wait’ thing. We’re putting guys in to play, right in the mix. I’m sure that can be a hassle, coming from another team and a whole new playbook is in front of you. But you have to give credit to those guys.They come in and they jump right in and study and know how to play and understand the defense. So, it’s been working well for us."

Much has changed, both for the Patriots and Miami, since the loss back in Week 1.The hot weather wasn't the only heat brought that season opening game.The Patriots lost 33-20 which included a blocked punt and fumbles. Revis went on to say the Dolphins were able to take the momentum and certain key plays allowed them to lock in the W.

"When you look back at that film from the first game, they had us on our heels.They definitely did. They took advantage of the momentum. I mean, we had it. We had them down 20-10 at one point. But they made some plays and took the momentum. We could never get it back. You could see throughout the game, certain key plays, they had momentum in those plays that they made."

It will be interesting to see these teams meet back up after a season of growth. Jarvis Landry, arguably the tone setter for the Miami offense, will be a key match up for either Revis or Brandon Browner. Revis went on to say that Landry sticks out for several reasons and has noticed he drops down into the slot after starting in the backfield.

"When you look at the whole offense and what they’re trying to do and accomplish, when you look at film, certain guys stick out. A lot of teams do shifts and motions, but when you keep on seeing the same guy motion to a reverse, motion in the backfield, motion out into the slot — that’s what Landry does. You kind of see the moving pieces and you see that they’re trying to get him the ball in the offense. So it kind of sticks out that he’s the go-to guy that they really want to feature in that offense."

All in all, Revis has sparked something for the Patriot defense and has brought much excitement and hard work. With the intimidating offense and now the defense following behind, New England comes as a real threat and has potential to become even more of a power house than we’ve come to expect. Sunday afternoon itinerary: kicking the feet up and taking a little vacation on “Revis Island.”

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