Ring Envy: What Chargers fans said 12-8-14

Our popular Ring Envy series is a spinoff of the "Green Envy" series we run at CelticsLife. We lay out comments from the opposing team's fans during the game after a Patriots win! This week we are going to take a look at the San Diego Chargers fans.

Hey, they have Blount now, maybe he'll start beating his team mates on the bench ?

Go Chargers!!! Time to shut up those Masshole transplants!

Interesting that Blount introduced himself using his high school.

I hope the guys on defense know that they're holding this entire franchise back.

Sounds like there are WAY too many Patriot fans out there.

Wow plz SD get some kind of non LA stadium deal done please?

Brady is accurate as hell

This just in: the Chargers are a good team.

Crow was on the menu last week. Tonight Brady is for dinner.

Freeney on Gronk? Fire Pagano now

Complain loud enough you can cow these refs into throwing flags.

The Pats are just marching down the field waaaayyy too easily

I really like seeing Brady get so frustrated!!!!

Bending but not breaking....not sure how long this will work? But I liked that stop!!!!

3 hits on Brady. We need to keep that up. Brady gets mad and rattled he gets jumpy.


Freaking special teams for the Bolts are HORRIBLE!

Scifres comes up limping every single time he gets touched, not an exaggeration

Blocked punt and lose sci-fi at the same time!!!!!

So it's ok to run into punter now?

Drag his pansy *** off the field and let's go. ******* punters can't even decide what's injured.

That pisses me off...letting Brady run for a 1st down!!

****** gronk...

Ain't gonna beat the Pats playing like choirboys.

Christ. Novak on punts SUCKS!

Bolts need to pound the Pats right now and give them something to think on during the half.

Nice job Teau!

Whew. Bradys such a crybaby. Lil bitch

No reason to come in that high...glancing blow maybe, he was trying to knock him out!

Rivers is playing like ****.

Gronk is allllll they have.

"We're on to Denver."

I don't like the "BRADY" cheers coming from the stands! Too many Patriot fans in the house!

This loss is on Rivers.

Why does our "Feature back" Ryan Mathews only play 1/3 of the game, and never in crucial moments??

Shutout in the 2nd half.. NE coaching staff > SD coaching staff

We're going to beat the Donks, I can feel it.

We cant Close! We let these "BILLACHEATS" hang out the whole game

The next time the Chargers play these guys will be in Foxboro in the divisional round to get to
the AFC Championship game, which will be held at Mile High.
Demons will be exorcised in January.

I'll give Reich the benefit of the doubt, he's saving the game plan for that AFC Championship game in Foxboro.