After the Denver Broncos lost to the Cincinnati Bengals, The Denver Broncos Facebook page was blown up by distraught fans. Here are some of the best comments.

The in-fighting between bandwagoners and "loyal" fans

Love the bandwagon fans on here who initially were riding Peyton's nuts until he has a bad game then they turn on him. You are as bad as Seahawks fans! Disappointed in how they played today, but I support my team no matter what!

This comment section kills me everytime the Broncos lose. Are we truly fans, or do we only like the team when they win? Demarcus Ware a bust with a 10 sack season? Pathetic performance? Sure the line didn't play great and Peyton wasn't his best. But you know what makes teams like the Patriots and Seahawks great? They bounce back from bad defeats, their fans are rabid. And some of you "fans" for the Broncos make me wonder if you're just Peyton fans.

Everyone talking bad right now till Broncos win next week then y'all will be cheering again. How bout y'all post somewhere else

Tired of you bandwagon bronco fans get the hell off this page if your not going to support this team!

The Conspiracy Theorists

Bengals needed refs + weather + Eli kidnapping Peyton to squeak by at home in prime time. Yikes

Breaking News: Cutler was just arrested for breaking into the Broncos' locker room, kidnapping Peyton Manning, stealing his jersey and impersonating as Manning in Cincinnati.

Refs. Refs. Refs. Denver lost the game, but refs did Bengals too many favors.

It certainly doesn't help that the refs were on Bengals side, especially with that "facemask" penalty

Can we say fixed game. Owell the Bengals have to lose to someone in the 1st round like the last 3 years. Phantom calls, no calls, Ball still moving when defender went out of bounce

Anyone else think the NFL made Denver lose the game? Adds drama witch equals more money for the league... I'm not a weirdo its just a thought

Offensive line couldn't win while the refs were paid off! Bring BACK THE REAL REFS!

The ref's let the Bengals get away with a lot of stuff tonight! It should have been a fair game! They basically let the Bengals win! Get ref's who will play a fair game!

Manning had to be shaving points

thought the Patriots refs were bad this one just blew them out of the water....

Just reading this makes me want to throw up...Manning is either hurt or getting paid off...either way he NEEDS to retire!!!!!

The Seasons over crowd

It doesn't even matter now. There is no way we can win in Foxboro in January. Manning's arm isnt equipped to play in that weather anymore. We have gotten rolled every time we go there. It is what it is.

not gonna win the super bowl this year... especially if the Pats reach the AFC title game

Gonna lose in the playoffs, no doubt about it. Sadly will be watching the Patriots in the Superbowl where they'll get smashed most likely by the Shecocks..

Seriously, the Patriots have a cupcake schedule. They'll get smashed by the Shecocks without a doubt. They haven't played and decent defensive team at all this year. Yes, I know who they've played all year so there's nothing you can say to make me believe otherwise. I, and the rest of the world will witness another dominated AFC team in the Superbowl for 2 straight years

Manning needs to retire.. This is getting old. It hard to watch. Always choking... I'm ready for osweiler..

It's a give away - Payton's retirement is overdue

It's time to retire Peyton. Denver needs a real QB. Welker needs to move on too. I like the Broncos but I can honestly say I never joined the Manning-wagon.

Now I got to t he New England fans at work chirping to me about how htey have home field advantage!! It going to be tough now getting to the super bowl!

Shld of never got rid of tebow he was the future of broncos

I don't see a RING this year!

Yea Peyton looks ready for playoffs.. NOT !!!

I'm ashamed to call myself a Bronco's fan. They look like absolute "GARBAGE". They aren't going to the Superbowl this year playing like this ...you don't go to the Superbowl throwing 4 interceptions. Once again Manning proves he can't win the big games... time for the Broncos to draft a real quarterback to replace Manning.

I'm sickened at the thought of ANOTHER EMBARRASSING SB BLOW OUT, Please lose now!!

best case scenario, brocos lose next two games and elways fires john fox and peyton retires!


Manning is obvious battling the flu..his O line isn't proecting him well so he can't step up. And Manning to my surprise made horrible decisions which proves he's not feeling well nor being himself.

That ref needs to just quit his job and leave this country we had that game sealed till what? Oh yeah im gonna call a facemask on denver. What we wear our facemasks on our chest now?

Someone needs to kick Ryan clady in the nuts always holding or jumping offsides

Stoooooooooopid play calls

Just imagine how bad it would be against a good team... I think it might be time to hang his helmet up and retire the #18

Nationwide jingle: Losing on the road again

When you said we're going to treat this like a playoff game, you really meant it. Defense gave up nearly 40 points and Peyton threw 4 picks.

It's official, the Broncos front line is about as effective as a pair of blow up dolls, a bean bag and some inflatable Christmas yard decorations

This Guy

I do NOT feel bad for you guys one bit, because you have legal weed!

Lost in translation

Do not talk to is not always wins but encourage Broncos

Dnver deserved more,, The rain opaque the acting Manning.

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