Our popular Ring Envy series is a spinoff of the "Green Envy" series we run at CelticsLife. We lay out comments from the opposing team's fans during the game after a Patriots win! This week we are going to take a look at the Miami Dolphin fans, and man all they had to complain out was the officiating.

Top 3:

Guessing the gameplan for today's game is simple:
God Help Us.

I just broke my remote. I am done. The lucky Patriots strike again.

I'm telling you the mob has their hands all over games in Foxboro. 34 game win streak, folks.

The Best of the Rest:

34 straight wins against AFC opponents at home, f**k the Patsies

Blocked and returned for a TD. What a sick ****ing joke.

O.M.G. I hate the Pats.

Man, that's rough.

It was an illegal block FWIW.

LOL They climbed over each other, but that's legal for them in Foxboro.

Listen to how ****ing excited these announcers are for that Patriots TD.

Love those illegal blocks. Goddamnit I hate the referees so much when we play the Patriots, it's not even funny. WHY DO WE HAVE TO GIVE ONE OF THE BEST TEAMS IN FOOTBALL AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE?

Well, so much for hoping for a solid, competitive first half before the second half collapse. This one looks to get really ugly.

Of course no penalty in foxboro, sure **** u

Thankfully I'm back with family. They can keep me away from the sharp objects this week.

Of course. Foxboro officials to the rescue. 34 game win streaks don't happen on their own.

Spot the Patriots 7 on their home field and it's game over.

Even the sun works against you in Gillette.

hartline can join philbin on the unemployment line

Are we going to cover Edelman with Linebackers all day... this is going to be a long one!

Foxboro refs to the rescue.

Looked like Wallace was being held the whole way there on the right side. ****ing refs. The guy on Clay never looked back. That's how we do in Gillette!

We are getting robbed in foxboro with our pansy ass head coach.

Bull**** non calls

everyone here should have known that the refs would be more on the Patriots side, not a surprise.

Guys, the Patriots can't commit PI in Foxborough. Yes, in any other stadium that is PI, especially with the emphasis on PI penalties this season. If WE do that, it's PI.

Yeah. Let's trade field goals for TDs... That'll work against New England...

They have their own refs up there in Gillette, as the past 10+ years have shown.

I seriously hate the refs when we come up to NE, we never get ****

Miami playing the refs today, not the Pats

Brady moves like an old man in the pocket.

Wilfork-lift is ridiculously huge.

The announcers are sucking Vince Wilforks "Johnson"...

This is textbook Dolphins and Patriots. The Patriots minimize their mistakes. Throw a pick and limit it to 3 points. We turn the ball over and they score a TD

That's why we are losers and Pats are Pats. Our guys do not make plays.

Brady looks scared

Does Mike Wallace know that he has two hands?

Uh... that's a ****ing touchdown. Really wish Mike Wallace would use both ****ing hands though.

If this isn't TD we know no doubt the refs cheat in Foxborough.

TD or we march to NE and riot.

Gillette Mobbed-up Refs to the rescue.

Great game so far. We essentially scored all 27 points. We are the only team that showed up today. Kickin arse taking names.

I can't believe we got a reversal at NE...

Out playing these mother ****ers

2nd half could get ugly factoring in Patriots having opponent locker room bugged.

Lol our defense got shook on a scramble by Tom Brady of all people.

Jesus. All the momentum... GONE.

Setting the tone for the second half by giving up a long Brady run and then the TD. Terrible start to the second half. I hope the offense can answer.

yeah let's give Brady the ball back, YEAHHH

Better believe the Pats are gonna start running it hard.

Browner hit early, but not PI of course.

G.a.m.e. O.v.e.r.

game over season over i hate being a fan of this team

How in the **** of God's creation is that not ****ing pass interference? They set out to **** Miami today. The NFL is basically as fake as the WWE at this ****ing point.

The int non call is a perfect example for the Pats getting help without showing in the statsheet. It was the same BS in their game againt the Broncos. These are game deciding plays and they get almost every time. Just silly.

Belichik kicked our ass w halftime adjustments. We need a miracle

That was an obvious, obvious DPI not called. If you can't see that from 10 feet away, then why are you an official in the NFL?

Shows you the difference here between a team that can move the ball virtually at will and a team that's very far from being able to do that.

It just seems year after year that the game in Foxboro is heavily aided by the officials. I don't think it's overt but every 50/50 call goes their way.

But Miller was mugged by Browner on that play and no call. That is beyond unacceptable at this level.

Anyone have Bernard Pollard's number?

So what do you think of the Miami Dolphins fan base?

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