Our popular Ring Envy series is a spinoff of the "Green Envy" series we run at CelticsLife. We lay out comments from the opposing team's fans during the game after a Patriots win! This week we are going to take a look at the sad New York Jets fans.

You gotya love seeing Brady getting knocked down

Always nice to see Brady go down

Tammy got sacked!!!!!

Not the wildcat!

Would love Revis to come back around next year

Brady sacked again Merry Christmas Tom....go f*** yourself

This day can be such a positive if somehow we lose but end Brady's career

Holy shit we may kill Brady!!!

Put Mrs. Bunchden on his ass and knock him out today

Imagine Injuring Brady before the playoffs!!

Brady is pissed. His makeup is getting smeared out there.

The place is empty. You can hear the Patriots fans.

No one in the league can cover Gronk. Thats just the way it is.

Wilfork took out Nick's knee. Time to take out Brady's knee...

I am not one for conspiracy theories but that was pretty suspicious by wilfork on mangold.

F*** Pats. Seriously. Them getting the first seed in AFC might be the difference maker between winning the Superbowl or not making to the Superbowl. F*** the draft order. Let's win this game. Let's win this game big and embarass the Pats. Come on Jets. Save the season and play the spoiler just like last year.

This would be great to spoil the Pats season, home field is huge for them

Brady is shitting himself.

It's so evident that when you get pressure on Brady he isnt the same player. Even when he has time his throws start to get erratic

Not having Edelman is killing em. Lafell is not up for this game and Gronkowski is getting swarmed.

AHAHHA Revis ya bummm.

Hah Revis missed tackle

They came to play today. Holding NE to 7 points in a half is hard to do

Pats getting real sloppy hoping for some help from the refs.

Patriots are just playing like dog shit right now.

Pats are going back to their NO Huddle Offense......No....

Tom Brady just slid at the 2. Are you getting me lol.

Williams with the pick and Brady gets wrecked

Pats have no business winning this game, yet they probably will

Half the officiating team got their check from New England..

I'm done. F*** these refs.

Man. If this was a movie I'd want my money back.

Well that sucks meant to be I guess

F*** the Pats!

Unreal loss. This team is just mind-boggling. This coach is just clueless. Just forfeit next week in Miami and end this misery

Moral victory for me at least.

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Andrew Ludwig 12/22/2014 04:57:00 PM Edit

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