2015 AFC Championship=1919 World Series? I'm lost.

I'm laughing so hard. We've heard some stupid things out of the media regarding "Deflate-Gate," particularly ESPN, but Indy columnist Gregg Doyel comparing "Deflate-Gate" to the 1919 Chicago Black Sox scandal is in the conversation for the most ridiculous.

“In 1919, the Black Sox rigged the World Series to lose it. In 2015, what is being accused is the Patriots rigged the AFC Championship Game to win it,” Doyel said, adding, “You’re saying we had a team rigging a World Series in 1919 to lose it and we think that’s the worst crime ever. Having a championship game rigged to win it, it’s in the same sentence.”

“It’s rigging a game,” Doyel said. “Either you’re playing on an even playing field and giving the other team a chance to win it or lose it fairly, or you’re rigging the game. It’s rigging the game. I don’t know what else to say. It’s rigging the game.

This ranks right up there with Mark Brunnell tearing up after Tom Brady's press conference last Thursday and Troy Aikman suggesting this is worse than the New Orleans Saints "Bounty-Gate" scandal a few days ago. Let's think about this for a second. The Patriots allegedly deflated 11 footballs by 2 pounds per square inch (I say allegedly because nothing has been proven yet) up against 8 Chicago Black Sox players banned for life for taking money to throw the 1919 World Series. There's no question which is worse. There's never any excuse in any sport for throwing your championship game (or series). The Patriots haven't even been found guilty, and even if they are, do we really think "Deflate-Gate" altered the outcome significantly? Looking at recent history between the Patriots and Colts, it's hard to see how this would have altered the outcome by a lot. And, from what we've been hearing, this sounds like there's really nothing in this.

Just one more question: If Gregg Doyel reads this, what were you on that made you say this?