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After the hard fought battle in Foxborough Saturday night, cornerback Darrelle Revis said veteran receiver Steve Smith ultimately got stranded on the island.

In the first quarter, Smith beat out Revis to score a nine-yard touchdown and caught three passes for a total of 44 yards. However, Smith did not catch another pass in the remainder of the game with Revis’ tight coverage.

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“He was very tough. He’s always tough,” Revis said of Smith. “I’m sure he has the will to want to win, but it was great. He caught a touchdown earlier in the game, and after that, he got erased.”

As expected, both teams came out playing physical which resulted in penalties. Just before the end of the second quarter, Revis uncharacteristically was called for pass interference which set up a Ravens touchdown. Later in the game, he was also called for holding.

“It’s a tough game. There were a lot of penalties — a lot of scrapping out there,” he said. “Pushing, tugging. Back and forth. Receivers push off and that’s what it is. You push off, I’m going to pull. That’s what it is. He pushed off, I pulled, so they called me. That’s that.”

It sure was a nail biter of a game but with Revis silencing Smith and the rest of team battling, the "W" has never felt so good.


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