Baltimore already chirping about the Patriots

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The Balitmore Ravens were flying high after their 30-17 Wild Card win over the Pittsburgh Steelers Saturday night. Even though they had just beat their division rival in the playoffs, they couldn't help but run their mouths about their impending match up with the New England Patriots.

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Whenever my time is done on the field, they could say I never beat the Steelers in the playoffs. They can't say that now," Suggs declared. "It was a great achievement, but it's short-lived. We all know who we're dealing with next

They're a very well-coached team, a very talented team, so we just have to prepare hard for it," said linebacker Elvis Dumervil, who had two sacks. "It's going to be a tough challenge, and we know that. But we're looking forward to that challenge."

McPhee added: "Bring 'em on. We're going to work hard in practice this coming week and go up there and play our best game. We're going to play Ravens football. And with a great game plan, I know we'll be ready for anything.

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This is the NFL," Suggs said. "We all know the matchup the NFL wants to see [Denver vs. New England]. We're just something for the TV, for the sponsors. Let's see if we can disrupt some people's plans.

The Ravens haven't even had time to spin up their comment machine and they already chirping about the Patriots.

Sure they have beaten the Patriots twice at home in the playoffs but they should remember those teams are vastly different from this years team. Just like the outcome should be vastly different that the last time.

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