Belichick breaks down Devin McCourty's interception

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In the second half of the divisional round game vs the Baltimore Ravens, the defense started to get a foothold and came up with several key stops against the Ravens offense.

That started with Devin McCourty's interception of Joe Flacco in the third quarter. The interception came on a play that the Ravens had run in the first quarter that resulted in a big gain to Torrey Smith. When the Ravens decided to go back to the well on it, Devin McCourty was already standing there with the bucket.

Bill Belichick broke down the play as well as Duron Harmon's interception, in it he said:

This is a play that the Ravens ran on the first drive,” Belichick said. “Torrey Smith on this over route caught it over here across the field, and as you see this play unfold, we’re just a little bit late, the coverage can’t get there, it’s a good throw and a good catch and the Ravens pick up about 20 yards on this play.

One of the things you love about Devin McCourty is not making the same mistake twice or recognizing the play the second time around,” Belichick said. “Here the Ravens are just flipping the play over . . . it’s the exact same play, flipped over to the other side, and this time Devin goes around the tight end, [Owen] Daniels, gets into position to come in and cut off the over route and make the play. A great job of recognition, anticipation, seeing the play and making it.

The play highlights why NFL don't run plays that work over and over like you would in Madden. Because you might fool the great players once but the second time around they can get the best of you.

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