Bill Belichick is done talking about footballs, not a scientist

Bill Belichick - At no time were any footballs prepared in any place besides our locker room.
The feel of the ball. This is the essence of preparation. The texture is easy to identify. Texture and feel are the key items. The process that the New England Patriots completes will elevate the PSI by one.

Bill Belichick reports that the New England Patriots says the organization "100 percent followed every rule" in ball controversy.

Bill Belichick -We found that game balls taken outside after prepped lose 1.5 lbs. PSI. I am not a scientist nor an expert on atmospheric pressure. I am not a league official. We try to do everything right. We err on the side of caution. We are as far as I know right as we can do it. We welcome the NFL investigation. I have spent more than enough time on this matter. It is much more complex than I imagined.

Bill Belichick says Patriots never tried to "compromise the integrity of the game" to gain an advantage.

I am moving on. I am transparent as I can be.

Spygate - It was wrong. We were disciplined. We will never do it again.

Lousi Riddick - NFL Insider. " I believe him until proven otherwise."

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