Duron Harmon predicts his interception

Charles Kupra/AP Photo

With the Ravens driving late in the fourth quarter trying for a touchdown to put them back ahead, the Patriots defense needed someone to stand up and make a play.

That player turned out to be Duron Harmon.

In fact, Harmon just might be psychic. Apparently he was predicting he was going to make a game changing play and he did just that.

ESPN Boston

“I was telling my family all week that I was going to get a pick in this game, and I’m just glad that it came at that time,” Harmon said. “There was no better time [for the interception] to come than the end of the game

He was right on the money on this one. Maybe after his football career is over he can get a job reading palms or predicting the winning lottery numbers. But for now the Patriots are going to need him to help shore up the back end the rest of the way to the Super Bowl.

A couple more of picks like the one in last nights game won't hurt either.

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