From a fans perspective, this might be the most important Super Bowl ever

If you're a Patriots fan and you have ever had the bad idea to venture into the comment section of an article about the Patriots you've seen it.

Its the only retort that jealous fans can come up with while trolling from the comfort of their parents basement. And no matter how many times they type it, it just never gets old to them.

Its the "The Patriots haven't won anything since SpyGate" statement. The rallying cry of the Anti-Patriots crowd.

Sure you can quote stats to them. The ones that show the Patriots winning percentage is actually higher in the seven years after spygate compared to the seven prior. Or that they have won three AFC Championships since spygate and that they are two circus catches away from two more Super Bowls.

Sure, you could say that to them. More than likely that is more than their favorite team has accomplished in the same amount of time. In fact it is. No other team comes close to those accomplishments. The Steelers and Seahawks are the only teams that have been to more than one Super Bowl in that time, with one win a piece(Seahawks second trip pending this weekend).

Yet those fact just don't matter to them. They are the same people that ran with all the baseless rumors that have become deflategate. They love it and they just won't shut up about it.

This brings us to Sunday's Super Bowl. Any Super Bowl is incredibly important. But this one just might be the most important one of them all. And not for the players and coaches but for us, the fans.

The Patriots have a chance to go out and cement their legacy. Tom Brady joining Bradshaw and Montana as the only quarterbacks with four Super Bowls. Belichick joining Noll. This Super Bowl can change history.

But what it could do for us fans would be monumental. It could give us the ammunition we need to finally shoot down those "they haven't won anything since spygate" accusations once and for all. They wouldn't have a leg to stand on. Hell, we could even take it a step further and say that the Patriots are undefeated since deflategate!

However, another loss will just make the jackals louder. We will survive and most likely be favorites to make it back to the promised land again next year but our quality of life will suffer. Voices of reason will be drowned out by the noise and asterisks stock will go through the roof.

But if the Patriots go out and do their job on Sunday, the outlook of the NFL and comment sections around the internet will change dramatically. Quality of life will be higher than ever and the Patriots will be Super Bowl champions once again.

So Patriots, if I can borrow a line from The Big Lebowski here. Our quality of life is in your hands, dude.

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