Garrett Heinrich, CBSHouston:
The Houston Texans and Denver Broncos got together this preseason to practice and scrimmage before facing off in a preseason game in this season.

“When the Texans came in for that shared practice in Denver,” McKee told Mad Radio. “One of the things that pissed off John Elway is that the Texans, from station to station, were running, hustling, physical and basically beat the crap out of the Broncos in the practices before the scrimmage.

Being called "soft" is an impossible task to recover from. Former New England Patriots' Hall of Fame OG John Hannah went one step further when he said that Patriots QB Tony Eason "should have worn a skirt."

Kerry Byrne, ColdHardFootballFacts:
But what sets Hannah apart from the run of the mill old-timers is the way he made one of his old teammates the object of his derision and ire over the years. Sportswriting legend Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe, wrote that Hannah – and Patriots fans – "ran Tony Eason out of town."

The very first play in Super Bowl XLVIII saw the Denver Broncos give the Seattle Seahawks two points at the 12 second mark of the first quarter. The snap from C Manny Ramirez sailed past QB Peyton Manning into the end zone where RB Knowshown Moreno recovers the ball only to be tackled by Seattle LB Cliff Avril.

The slaughter was on with Denver being embarrassed and manhandled by the Seattle Seahawks, 43-8. The performance had to bring back nightmares to Broncos' President, John Elway. Super Bowl XXIV on January 29, 1990 had seen his Broncos crushed by the San Francisco 49ers, 55-10. At least, that Denver team could say that they were playing one of the great teams of all-time.

The season for John Fox and the Denver Broncos ended with a subpar effort against the Indianapolis Colts, losing 24-13. The game featured numerous dropped passes, including two from free agent, WR DeMaryius Thomas. With time running out in the fourth quarter, DeMaryius can be seen walking back to the line of scrimmage. TE Julius Thomas also dropped passes from QB Peyton Manning, and looked disinterested. In Super Bowl XLVIII, DeMaryius Thomas set the record for most catches with 13 in a meaningless blowout.

Possible MVP, DE/WR/TE/FB JJ Watt has the ability to make many players look scared. His head coach, former New England Patriots offensive coordinator, Bill O'Brien is also a fiery individual who does not shy away from confrontation. In a December 11, 2011 New England Patriots-Washington Redskins game, O'Brien was involved in a heated, sideline discussion with Patriot's QB Tom Brady. O'Brien was eventually separated from Brady by head coach, Bill Belichick.

John Elway is correct that his Denver Broncos have lost their intensity level. John Fox catches a break, leaving a clean slate in Denver for John Elway to fix the situation. John Fox gets to join the Chicago Bears in the "black and blue" division. JJ Watt would fit in this division, nicely.

It took a practice, not a game(Allen Iverson) to bring all these problems to the surface.

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