Irvin predicted big night for Gronkowski

Michael Irvin on the NFL network

On the NFL network they make a lot of bold predictions of what will happen in upcoming matchups and last Saturday was no exception. Former Dallas Cowboy and now NFL network analyst Michael Irvin predicted that Gronkowski would have more receiving yards than Steve Smith and Torrey Smith combined in the divisional playoff game. Irvin hit the nail on the head.

Gronkowski hauled in 7 catches for 108 yards and a touchdown and the star receivers for the Ravens were held to a combined 106 yards. Not a bad day's work for one of the best tight ends in the league.

It is no surprise the Irvin had that much confidence in Gronkowski. In November he praised Gronkowski as a role model for how he wanted his kid to play football.

Gronkowski's performance wasn't just another statistic, his emotion really brought the team back from the brink. Early in the game the Patriots were already down by 14 points and the offense looked like it may stall out again in their second drive in the first quarter. Then Brady launched a deep ball to Gronk and a few short plays after the 46 yard connection the Patriots were on the board.

There were a lot of big plays in last Saturday's game but to me that big catch by Gronkowski changed the emotion of the game and helped kick start the offense. It also gave us the best picture since the butt fumble. I like to call this the butt tackle.

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