McCourty: Secondary respects Seahawks receivers

AP Photo/Elise Amendola
While Richard Sherman highlighted the relationship between Robert Kraft and Roger Goodell and Jermey Lane said Rob Gronkowski isn't that good, the Patriots continue to say the right things with regard to their opponents, the Seattle Seahawks. Devin McCourty continued by saying that the Patriots respect the Seattle receiving corps.

Per the Providence Journal:
“I think how much media coverage you get and all that is out of the players control,” McCourty said. “But when you turn on the film, they make a lot of plays and that’s what I judge everyone we play, not how much you hear about them. I turn on the film to watch it. Their group makes a lot of plays. It’s not just one guy making plays. It’s them as a group making big plays and usually deep down the film. We have a ton of respect for them. I think one of the things that sticks out is they play hard every snap, whether it’s a run or pass. “

They're certainly capable of making big plays, as we saw towards the end of the NFC Championship. Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse both made great plays down the stretch when the Seahawks came back against the Green Bay Packers. It'll certainly be a tough match up, but I think the Patriots game plan against Seattle should be to contain Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch and force the Seahawks to attack them through the air.

In years past, I doubt anyone would be saying that, but the Patriots secondary is the best it's been it's been in years. And I think if the Patriots can force a few turnovers (big if, mind you), they won't have the same problems the Packers did. The Packers took their foot off the gas in the 4th quarter, which cost them the game. With the Patriots, I have a hard time believing that they'll relax if they find themselves with a late lead.

But I digress. The Seahawks do have a good group of receivers, but I think the Patriots also have a great secondary that can challenge the Hawks receivers.