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During the CBS telecast of the Patriots-Packers game, broadcaster Phil Simms relayed a story about how Aaron Rodgers likes his footballs. During that story, this little tidbit came out

"I like to push the limits of how much air we can put in the football, even go over what they allow you to do, see if the officials take the air out of it." - Phil Simms talking about Aaron Rodgers

Sometimes they get lucky and get a half of pound of air in there to help Aaron Rodgers out.

So here we have Phil Simms telling the nation point blank that Aaron Rodgers likes to push the limits and try to get away with breaking the rule of how much air you can have in the ball.

Where is the national outcry over this? Wheres the NFL Investigation? Its no different than what the Patriots are being accused of so why was it treated different?

I remember hearing this during the game and thinking that it was weird that they would be talking so openly about skirting the rules. But at the same time it didn't seem like it offered a competitive advantage. More so a comfort issue with the players.

Of course as soon as it concerns the Patriots it could possible be worth a 38 point advantage and the reason they beat the Colts.

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