People around the NFL call Deflate Gate ridiculous

Today's topic of the day is Deflate Gate. Not because it deserves the attention it is getting, but because some logic needs to be injected into the conversation that is polluted with hatred, ignorance, and downright injustice.

On Twitter today, several players, coaches, and league officials spoke out to this ridiculousness that is the accusations against the Patriots.

These aren't nobody's speaking out neither. Let's start first with veteran QB Matt Leinart who defends the football side of things, while SI's Peter King decides to come down on the Patriots like no other.

Another SI writer decides to assume just about anything and everything about this situation, without a shred of evidence.

Then we get to the biased and hateful side of players. Notice a theme between them?

Colts CB, and former Patriot, Darius Butler removed his tweet regarding the situation, but it went along the same lines. But the theme is that all of these players have some level of resentment towards New England. Whether it is jealousy, envy, or frustration, these players/individuals speak out of bias against the Patriots.

There were glimmers of hope though. Several individuals on the Ravens spoke sense in regards to the issue.

Even some current and former Colts players chimed in with logic.

Carolina Panthers kicker Graham Gano also gave out some information about the flaws of the NFL's procedures when it comes to ball pressure.

Even superstar, NFL model citizen Aaron Rodgers admitted he alters footballs in order to get the feel he likes.

Going back in time, all of a sudden former Buccaneers QB Brad Johnson admits that he paid people to alter footballs in a Super Bowl. So either the NFL failed to properly check the footballs, or Johnson got away with bribery in the NFL's biggest moment.

It has gone to the point where officials even say this is ridiculous. Yes, the people who check the balls themselves think this is a non-story, including current Vice President of Officiating Dean Blandino.

When all is said and done, I think this Matt Miller tweet says it all.

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