Ravens lost the game to two second Tom

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Many pointed to the offensive line as the weak link going into Saturday nights game. So just how would the New England Patriots overcome that against a stout Baltimore defensive front?

Their answer to that was to get the ball out of Tom Brady's hand as quickly as possible. That plan, when executed, didn't just work, it was perfect!

Not only was he getting the ball out quick, but he was picking out the matchup he wanted to exploit. That was pretty much whoever Rashaan Melvin was covering.


Peter King posted these stats today:
Targeted: 19 times. Receptions surrendered: 15. Receiving yards allowed: 224. Touchdowns allowed: 2. Quarterback rating allowed: 150.9
Seems like Brady noticed him.

The rush had no chance to get to him that quick and him identifying the right matchup pre-snap allowed him to bring the team back from a 14 point deficit twice.

So its very clear that Brady's quick decisions were the difference in the game.

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