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Tom Brady and Terrell Suggs have a long history as mortal enemies. The two do not like each other and have waged verbal wars against each other for years.

Suggs has accused Brady of being smug and getting favorable calls from referees in past comments. Meanwhile, Brady's last jab at Suggs came in December of 2013, when the quarterback said he would not be sending the Ravens defender a Christmas card.

Brady, however, seems to have slightly turned a corner on Suggs. He recently complimented Suggs in a news conference earlier this week, saying among other things that Suggs is a smart player and a force to be reckoned with.

Those comments took Suggs by surprise.

Per Jamison Hensley of ESPN.com:

A reporter told Suggs about a half hour later that Brady had something nice to say about him. "Say what?" Suggs responded.

Another reporter told Suggs that Brady called him "phenomenal."

"Did they record him?" Suggs asked. "I'd love to see his face [when he said it]."

Of course Suggs didn't have anything of substance to say after that. He rarely ever does. He even refused to call Brady by name, saying that "he is the quarterback of the New England Patriots."

But he did echo the statements of some of his teammates who have already spoke out regarding the upcoming match up, saying the past means nothing.

"They said it best: Nobody is worried about what happened in the past," Suggs said. "All we're worried about is this game. At the end of the day, it's about football."

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