Rex Ryan thinks Deflategate is a joke

Rex Ryan says the two best teams are in the Super Bowl. The Patriots are a great team. Deflategate is a waste of time. The alarm went off a few minutes before 5 a.m. local time at the Sheraton Wild Horse hotel. Manish Mehta, NY Daily News:
Let's face it: Belichick probably did it himself, said Ryan. “He’s the one that pulled the thing and created a different story. Those things happen. You try to prepare your team in the offseason — training camps and all that kind of stuff. Would you pull a fire alarm or something? You may.”

“I was not there,” Ryan said. “You can’t blame that one on me.” I think Rex Ryan was busy reading the New York Post.

George Willis, NY Post:
Now Phil Jackson has delivered another punch to the gut of New York Knicks fans by inadvertently tarnishing one of the golden moments in franchise history. The 1970 and 1973 Knicks are revered for earning the franchise’s only championships. Now the 1973 title could come under scrutiny thanks to some old quotes attributed to Jackson.
He was a reserve forward on that championship team. In 1986, long before Twitter and the Internet, Jackson revealed in a Chicago Tribune interview how the Knicks tried to gain a competitive advantage by taking the air out of the basketball. “You see, on the ball it says something like ‘inflate to 7 to 9 pounds.’ We’d all carry pins and take the air out to deaden the ball,” Jackson is quoted as saying.

Six players from the 1973 New York Knicks made the NBA Hall of Fame as did head coach, Red Holtzman. Willis Reed, Bill Bradley, Earl Monroe, Walt Frazier, Jerry Lucas and Dave DeBuscherre all were elected as players, and Phil Jackson made it as a coach.

This is New York Knicks' President Phil Jackson just trying to distract his current fan base from the 9-38 record that takes the court in Madison Square Garden. If you besmirch the 1973 team, the present product doesn't look so bad.

I am not buying it, and I don't Rex Ryan is either.

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