Richard Sherman sells tee shirts in poor taste

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Jacknut Apparel has made headlines on multiple occasions with their T-shirt designs and once again there is a buzz around a shirt they produced in December of last year. Seattle Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman’s official Facebook page posted a shirt design that had the same design as the Jacknut shirt from December but with different wording.

This sparked debates saying that Sherman copied the design and from the other side that Jacknut used Sherman’s likeness.

The October 1976 trial only lasted two days. Gary Mark Gilmore was an American criminal who gained international notoriety for demanding the execution of his death sentence for two murders he committed in Utah. Gilmore fired his attorneys. He chose death by firing squad and waived all appeals. Despite the efforts of other groups to stop it, six months after the murders, the execution was carried out. He was shot on January 17, 1977 by a Utah firing squad.

The media circus that surrounded the killer, Gary Gilmore reached all the way to the western part of Massachusetts. Looking to capitalize on the notoriety of Gilmore, a University of Massachusetts-Amherst student got a license to sell tee-shirts outside the Student Union Building on the campus. The name of his company was IN POOR TASTE. The picture on the tee-shirt glorified the act of a mass murderer. The public was outraged, but the student did have permission to sell. The town had not placed any restrictions on what type of tee-shirt he would be hawking. Demonstrations were pretty common back then so it took awhile before the circus left town.

I am not suggesting a firing squad for Richard Sherman. I like Richard Sherman, and think he is the best CB in the NFL. He is also good for business. I would like to see New England QB Tom Brady throw in Richard's direction occasionally, and "hold his feet to the fire." Green Bay shied away and they got burned.

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