Ring Envy: What Colts fans said 1-19-15

Our popular Ring Envy series is a spinoff of the "Green Envy" series we run at CelticsLife. We lay out comments from the opposing team's fans during the game after a Patriots win! This week we are going to take a look at the Indianapolis Colts fans after an embarrassing loss. They held out hope for a while but when the tides turned, they got bitter real quick. And it was pretty comical. And it is pretty clear that most Colts fans are going to be rooting for the Seahawks in two weeks.

Pre Game

The teams look to be about equal, the Colts can do it. Go Colts

This one should be a good one that we can definitely win. Luck is rockin' the neckbeard today and looking calm. It's a good sign.

Win or lose this season has been a success.

looks like we'll be playing seattle in arizona

Game Time

Dang, 3 and out to start

hold on NE went 3 and out??

Get off the field Brady!

josh cribbs ladies and gentleman

NE starting off like the did last week and every other week. Full of Luck

Already getting generous spots too

pats will get all the breaks and the refs will protect them

We all knew we would have to beat the pats and the refs

His knee was down. No way he got in. My goodness, these refs are garbage

Gillette refs already making themselves known

1. missed a false start on New England
2. missed an illegal procedure on New England for not having the offense set for a full second before snapping the ball
3. give them a horrible spot on the Edelman catch
4. give them a TD when his knee was clearly down
And it's just a few minutes into the first quarter, folks!

Belichick talks to the refs before each game to get them straight how the game should be called and they Obey or Else!!!

Well Goodell was partying with the Patriots last night.

Cribbs, you can hop on the next flight back home. Don't even bother going back to Indy. Just go home

Why I hate the Pats...Blunt (pun intended) quits on the Steelers and the Pats pick him up. Ugh

Wow, a penalty on the Pats.

Hopefully Revis is done

Dont worry Patriots. We'll beat ourselves.

nice shank, adam

Of course when a Patriots player fumbles, it heads out of bounds

Well, it's starting to look like it was over before it even began.

Dang it Brady is going to pick us apart

its not rocket science all brady does is throw short passes press the wrs

I hate the Patriots, absolutely hate them

Patriots always look like men amongst boys when they play the Colts.

The usual....teams go to Foxborough and forget the fundamentals

Gillete is voodoo. I swear. Everything goes NEs way...even when they aren't playing well.

4 times in a row where we are stinking it up against the pats. wonder when we'll get over the hump.

Patriots are so boring to watch

Oh here we go. . . We're gonna make Blout look like he's a combination of Barry Sanders and Adrian Peterson

I dont get it brady doesnt throw the ball more than ten yards so why play ten plus yards off the wr why not press and make brady go deep

Woohooo intercepted !!!

I'm telling you, every time we play them we sell out to stop Brady/Gronk.. . . so they just run all over us.

First down, thanks to Wilfork

Finally a call goes our way. That was nonsense by big fat Wilfork

Pat fans booing, shut up, you know it's a penalty.

Dirty Fat F*** Wilfork!!!!

DQ pick was huge momentum swing. instead of 21-0, it's 14-7.

Kraft is talking to the Secretary of State....it's a conspiracy!!

Really getting tired of Blout looking like he's freaking Barry Sanders.

Does the Colts DL really suck that bad???

Guess Stork being out didn't make a dang bit of difference. This is bad

Ahh we hit Brady.. Must be roughing the passer.

Touching the Brady.

Brady always looking to the refs for a flag. I'm certainly glad Luck isn't like that

MIke Carey said it was a flag therefore it wasn't.

How do you let brady juke you out ...

Freeman got faked out by Brady, smh.

Best spots in the world for the NFLs team. Complete cheats

Is another player allowed to push Brady for the first down on a QB sneak?

That was not a first, and they don't even measure. Garbage, like a landfill load of garbage.

NFL & Refs love the Pats

Typical Foxboro effort by INDYHILARIOUS COLTS

Tom brady is the biggest crybaby

Brady just loves to cry for flags. Luck is way more mature in that respect

IMO needs a dirty hit by Landry or one of the backups...the Pats do it every single play. The only way to stop a bully is to punch him hard in the nose, then dare him to try any spit again.

every pats player cries for a penalty on every damn play!!!!

brady always cries !!! I'm surprised he hasn't asked for a new penalty called roughing the crybrady

Looks like the Colts over prepared for Gronkowski again lol..

Steelers must be * that they let Blount go..and every team that pass up Blount is dumb

really a Nate Solder TD good grief

Blount vs lynch in SB. Wilson vs Brady. Great defenses well known coaches for coming up with great game plans. Lots of similarities.

Every defender should know that they did this crap vs the Ravens last week.

No discipline on the D, someone has to know he is eligible.

If we lose, and let's be honest we probably will, I refuse to watch the super bowl. I'll find something else to do.

Game over. I really hate New England.

Give them credit. We were looking run inside and they throw to an OFFENSIVE LINEMAN!

Patriots own Us

next time the pats have the ball I'd send everyone after Brady and tell them to Nail his *** no matter what, so hope the Seahawks kill the pats in 2 weeks!!!

I just can't stand this classless cheating organization. I would rather go out to anyone but Brady. God just the stupid pretty boy smirk on his face I want to wipe it off with a baseball bat

This one is OVER - warm up the bus!

I'm rooting for seattle next week. I don't want to see Brady get another ring.

Bill Billicheck will always be and forever has been our daddy. We're the ugly stepchild, we just can't do it.

We have no rivalry vs. Pats. we are their whipping boys these days, and it's sad.

How. Is. Edelman. Getting. So. Wide. Open. On. Every. Pass. To. Him?

Atleast we made it to the afc championship.

Same movie every time.Goodnight.

It's not that we are losing the game it's how we lose this game every year. We always look like we just don't belong and get embarassed. We can never lose with fight and have competitive close games with the Patriots. It's so frustrating.

I really hate playing the patriots

Guys, I have faith in this team next year. I think we are a few pieces away from being a superbowl team. We just need someone to take out the pats in the playoffs next year.

BB won this game... not any player... Simply out coached...

Pats really do have the best coaching staff...probably ever

We aren't even in the same class as NE and I hate to admit that. But this team took another step in the right direction but until we get the talent on defense that can actually stop the upper tier teams offense, we will never win a SB

Taken....behind....the....woodshed....yet again.

It just seems the breaks early on always go NE's way....which sets the tone for them to dominate later. Plus having the best coach in the NFL helps

Hate seattle but I absolutely LOATHE NE...so go Seattle lol

Tom Brady, 8-8 passes completed, a Patriots 31-7 lead, and a heavy downpour of rain inside Gillette Stadium.

What's worse? Being outplayed in this game or letting a win get away from you like Green Bay did?

If Bill Belichick hold a football camp..Pagano and Colts players need to go to them

Revis picks Luck off.

...And now Skip Bayliss can go to sleep happy.

Blount scored his second TD for the Patriots on the next play, and this game is out of reach for the Colts. 38-7 New England.

lesser of two evils... Lets go Seattle.

Why would you go for it on 4th and 4 when you're up by 31 points? Play nice, Bill

It is an embarrassment to the NFL AFC Championship Game to have the Colts playing in it this year.

finally muted the sound, can stand to hear these announcers absolutely gushing over the pats like they are gods

I would have rather lost to PM than Brady.....ANY DAY.

I wonder what would have happened if we had picked up Blount in November... Probably just be down by 21 then.

Bill just has to put 40+ on us....

I'm reading the Green Bay message boards and don't feel so bad now

0-4....... 40+ scored each matchup

Make it stop.

I can't wait to see Skip Bayless go off on Andrew Luck tomorrow.

Huh.. Brady throwing deep up 35. Hope he does it again and get's knee ripped apart

They're keeping Brady in? I hate to see anyone get hurt. But????

I honestly don't know if I'll even watch the super bowl. Pats vs seahawks. I could puke

What do you guys think of the Colts fans? Get ready for the Super Bowl New England!

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