Today in WTF moments: Rob Gronkowski's erotic novel

Look at that artwork! 
File this one under the "I have no idea where people come up with this shit" category.

"Author" Lacey Noonan has expressed her love for Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski in a way that, I would assume, few people would - an erotic novel.

The soon-to-be masterpiece is titled "A Gronking To Remember" and can be purchased on Amazon in Kindle format for the incredibly low price of $7.19. So if you're looking to get your favorite Patriots fan a late (and cheap!) holiday gift, or if you're looking for a new book to read for yourself, this is sure to be a good one. I mean, it's Gronk. Why wouldn't it be good?

Is it weird that I sort of want to read this....? If nothing else, just for the jokes I can make out of it. I need to buy myself a Kindle. I have a feeling this story will come off as being funnier than it would serious.

Also, do yourself a favor and read the reviews. They're great. I think I'm going to work "Gronking" into my regular vocabulary from here on out.

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