What Tom Brady's contract restructure really means

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It's unfortunate, but it's true. Bill Simmons tweeted exactly what I was thinking when I heard the details how Tom Brady had restructured his contract.

While millions across the twitter-sphere jumped to applaud Brady for being a team first guy, freeing up $24 million in salary cap space, all I could think about was how expendable this actually makes our beloved TB12.

The move immediately frees up the money needed to bring back players like Devin McCourty and Darrelle Revis. It also allows the Patriots to cut or trade Brady without any penalty against the salary cap.

With this in mind, there is a simple train of thought that needs to be explored. Would the Patriots cut the man that has been the face of their franchise and allow him to pursue greener pastures and go to the highest bidder, or would they try to trade him and get what would most likely be a kings ransom in return?

Knowing how Bill Belichick operates, being as value driven as he is, I have to assume that he will want to get everything he can for the aging super star rather than flat out releasing him.

In that scenario there are several teams that could line up for Brady's services. Houston, Chicago, Kansas City, Oakland, and St. Louis immediately come to mind as landing spots for the aging super star due to their current quarterback situations. San Francisco could be a dark horse if Josh McDaniels ends up filling the head coaching vacancy left in the wake of Jim Harbaugh leaving for Michigan.

It's a hard thought to stomach, but we might as well come to the realization that Brady won't always be in a Patriots uniform. Whether through retirement or playing for another team, Brady's days as a Patriot are numbered. Let's just hope the two sides part ways on good terms.

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