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Statistically it has been a down hill slide for future hall of fame wide receiver Reggie Wayne. In the opening day the Colts receiver had 9 receptions for 98 yards against the Broncos. However when Wayne returned to Denver last week he not only did he put up a goose egg for receptions he wasn't even targeted once by Luck.

Wayne was drafted back in 2001. To put that in perspective Apple launched itunes just a few months before Wayne was drafted, the first Shrek movie was released that year, and a gallon of gas cost about a $1.50. So yeah he has been around the league awhile.

His career stats are astounding with over 1,000 receptions, over 14,000 yards and 82 touchdowns. He currently ranks 8th all time in receiving yards and 7th for receptions.

With his decline in play showing retirement has certainly entered his mind. When asked about leaving the league for good Wayne stated:

Thirty-six, man. Kids growing up... It's time for family decisions.

Should this be the last hurrah for Wayne it would be fitting that in his last post season he would once again play the Patriots, who have knocked him and his team out of the playoffs a lot, and against Manning, the quarterback who was responsible for most of the yards and receptions Wayne has accumulated.

If the Colts lose on Sunday it will have been the fourth time the Patriots have ended his season, and perhaps this time his career.

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