Aaron Hernandez murder trial reaches Gillette Stadium

Mike Florio, ProFootballTalk:
Via the Boston Herald, trainer Brian McDonough told the jury on Tuesday about his interaction with Hernandez the day after Lloyd was shot and killed. Hernandez was due to meet McDonough at Gillette Stadium for injury rehab that day, but Hernandez texted McDonough to cancel.

“I will not be there today . . . suttin came up but ill jus call u when I’m back around which should be soon but ill b in touch!” Hernandez said via text. “I truly am sorry for the hassle but something serious came up.”

The murder trial of Odin Lloyd has finally reached Gillette Stadium. While the prosecution has a list of names that could be called to testify including Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft and former Patriots' LB Brandon Spikes, it was one of the personal trainers who received the first invite to the witness stand. Brian McDonough is not a New England Patriots' employee, but has worked with some of the players at Gillette Stadium. McDonough and Hernandez were introduced through Alex Guerrero, Tom Brady’s personal trainer.

Judge Susan Garsh has moved the proceedings along at a brisk pace. The non-nonsense 67 year old Superior Court judge, with more than 20 years on the bench, has dismissed one juror for lying. She told the mother of Odin Lloyd, Ursala Ward to "retain control of your emotions and not cry on the stand" and reprimanded a defense attorney who made a joke concerning "Deflategate." Garsh did receive praise from Brockton Attorney Kevin Reddington for Maria Kramer, Boston Globe:
her tight control over the courtroom and flow of information reflecting a desire to keep a sensational case from descending into chaos. "These things can very easily erupt and get out of control and turn into a circus,” he said.
Having QB Tom Brady added to the prosecution list for potential witnesses would not in any way disrupt the courtroom proceedings of Judge Susan Garsh.

The defense has been able to bar the text messages from Aaron Hernandez on the night of the murder. They have been able to keep out the Alexander Bradley testimony(about an incident in which Hernandez allegedly shot Bradley on Feb. 13, 2013). Also, the gun photo of Hernandez from 2009, and the 2012 double slaying in Boston have not been allowed to be used in this murder trial for Odin Lloyd.

Key evidence may have been removed from the house by Aaron Hernandez' fiancĂ©e Shayanna Jenkins in a trash bag. The murder weapon has yet to be found. The witness list seems to grow daily. Lawyers are notorious for identifying so many witnesses that it becomes difficult to discern exactly who will and won’t show up.

In the end, it will all come down to one simple statement made by one of our nation's most famous attorneys and greatest orator, Daniel Webster.

"There is nothing so powerful as truth."

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