Bill Belichick drops possible Deflategate timeline while on Letterman


Coach Bill Belichick went on The Late Show with David Letterman last night to talk about the teams victory in Super Bowl XLIX.

Of course while he was there, Deflategate was brought up. Letterman, an avid Colts fan, prodded the coach for more information about the issue. He even took the conspiracy theory view on whether or not the Colts deflated a ball to make the Patriots look bad.

One other interesting tidbit that slipped out of Belichick was that he mentioned something about the investigation being "next month". Its hard to tell in this setting if he was just joking around or if that's the actual time table for the NFL's investigation into Deflategate.

You can watch the video and judge for yourself.

If the investigation will be completed next month it does make sense. Tedd Wells took several weeks to look into the bullying scandal that plagued the Miami Dolphins in 2013. Also with the Patriots winning the Super Bowl, players and coaches have been making the rounds on various talk shows and other appearances that have become the spoils of victory, making it hard to be able to interview them.

One thing is for sure, David Letterman needs to be called as a witness. A Colts fan buying into the Colts being behind Deflategate could be a very valuable witness.

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