Bills and Jets targeting Revis Island


The Patriots will have a big decision to make with regard to the future of star corner Darrelle Revis. There is almost no chance that the Patriots exercise his current option of over $20 million dollars which leaves the Pats two real options, cutting him or resigning him to a long term contract.

Given Revis's history it isn't likely that he will return cheap. In 2010 Revis held out from attending preseason practice with the Jets while asking for more money. Most players do that when they enter the final year of their contract, Revis did it with three years left on his contract.

His main reason for coming to New England was to win a Super Bowl, and now he has a ring why not leave for a nice pay day at a club that has a smaller chance at a championship? Enter AFC East rivals.

The Bills now have Rex Ryan as their head coach and ESPN sources say Ryan would love to work with Revis again. Revis became the top corner in the NFL while being coached by Rex so it seems like a solid fit.

The Jets would also like to be in the mix for Revis in free agency. Though there is a new GM and head coach perhaps Revis would prefer to return to New York City rather than hang around the border of Canada. Jets owner Woody Johnson was a tad too eager to mention how he would love Revis to come back and tampering charges were filed by the Patriots.

Personally, I really feel like the Patriots should let Revis walk even if he ends up with a divisional rival. The fact is Revis is on the wrong side of 30 and they are going to have to pay him at least $10 million a year to stay. With that kind of money you could re-sign Mayo, Vereen, and Ayers and possibly have some money left over. The Patriots are also deep in corner and they need to let one of these younger guys have a chance to step up. Logan Ryan is entering his third year and Malcolm Butler has shown flashes of greatness (particularly in that game in Arizona, can't recall the opponent but it was a good game) in his rookie season. Re-signing Revis could help the Pats win another Super Bowl but it could be a huge costly mistake which is something the organization tends to avoid when it comes to contracts. I appreciate everything Revis did, he has his ring and the Pats have the Lombardi. It worked out for everyone.

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