Brandon Browner begged to cover Chris Matthews

In the first half an unknown receiver for the Seattle Seahawks took everyone by surprise. Chris Matthews, not of the Hardball with Chris Matthews fame, came up with both his first career reception AND touchdown in the biggest game of the year.

Checking in at 6'5" he victimized both Kyle Arrington and Logan Ryan, whom he hard a significant size advantage over. Brandon Bowner had a front row seat for these size crimes and he went to his coaches and begged them to let him cover Matthews. Finally, they listened.

The 6'4" Browner matches up well Matthews and after the switch he was held in check.

Well, we're big guys. It would be like him (pointing to a particularly short reporter) guarding me," Browner said.

You can point to the switch in personal as the turning point of the game. Before Matthews broke out the defense had held the Seahawks in check. Then once Browner switched over to Matthews the Seahawks had a couple of three and outs. Not to mention Arrington had to be replaced with eventual Super Bowl hero Malcolm Butler.

In close games like this, its the small things like this that makes the difference.

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