Chris Johnson rips former GM John Idzik, felt he was lied to

USA Today

Newly released running back Chris Johnson, formally of the New York Jets, wasted no time ripping his former boss.

Johnson put John Idzik on blast saying he didn't hold up his end of the deal on what Johnson's role would be with the team.


Basically, it was a situation where I was going there to be the guy or whatever. It was still said, yeah, both guys [Johnson and Ivory] were going to get playing time.” Johnson told NFL Media’s Rich Eisen. “I think it was like after the [third] game or something like that, it just switched over and I started getting less and less playing time, and not knowing where it came from.”

Yeah, like a lot of things, probably, I guess, calling the shots, as far as with the team and things that goes on on Sundays, and whatever. I think a lot of it was out of Rex’s hands because when I sat down and talked to Rex before I signed with the Jets, my role and my situation were explained to me totally different to what actually happened. That’s just what it was. It wasn’t never a type of thing where I was just being outplayed or anything like that. It was never a situation where I got the opportunity to show my talents and be used the way that I was supposed to be used.

Johnson had rushed for at least 1,000 yards every season until this last year. Johnson will obviously point to the Jets disfunction as the reason why instead of the normal decline of older running backs.

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