C'mon man: For Patriots, It's Not Deja Vu All Over Again

Brandon Lafell wasn't with the New England Patriots for the David Tyree catch.

He wasn't here for the Giants' Mario Manningham catch, either.

Washington Post:
Top five greatest Super Bowl catches

5. Butch Johnson Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl XII
4. Lynn Swann Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl X
3. Jermaine Kearse Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XLIX
2. Santonio Holmes Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XLIII
1. David Tyree New York Giants Super Bowl XLII

The Butch Johnson catch resulted in a 45 yard TD pass from QB Roger Staubach. The Lynn Swann catch was a 53 yard miraculous, nonscoring grab from QB Terry Bradshaw. The Santonio Holmes catch was a Super Bowl game winning six yard grab from QB Ben Roethlisberger. The David Tyree catch was a 43 yard nonscoring, perfect season ending grab from QB Eli Manning.

Phil Perry, CSNNE:
Asked if he had ever seen a catch like Jermaine Kearse's that came late in the fourth quarter to put the Seahawks in scoring range, Bill Belichick responded, "Yeah, I’ve seen two of them."

The Jermaine Kearse catch was just another normal 33 yard pass play from QB Russell Wilson. It had only 54 seconds of fame. For a fleeting moment, it looked like Jermaine Kearse would replace devastation in the dictionary. "It wasn't mean to be."

There may be 39 million ways to lose a game. None are as painful as this.

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