Devin McCourty calls New England "Home"

McCourty calls New England "home". (AP)
As one of the leaders of the Patriots, soon to be free agent Devin McCourty will need to decide if New England will be his home for the near future. As arguably one of the best free safeties in the league, McCourty's services will likely be in high demand should he reach the open market, but he made a statement shortly after the Super Bowl that should give Patriots fans some optimism.

Tom Curran of CSNNE asked McCourty if this was his last game as a Patriot, to which McCourty responded:

"I hope not. We'll see, but I hope not. This ride has been incredible -- being in the Super Bowl twice and winning it once -- there's not much a player can ask for except for being at home, and this is home."

McCourty could be franchised if an agreement is not reached by the March 2nd deadline to franchise tag a player. Players can begin discussing new contracts with new teams starting March 7th, with players able to sign on the 10th. Estimates for a potential deal seem to hover around $6.5-$8 million a year, or similar to other top safeties like Eric Weddle and Earl Thomas.

McCourty wants to stay, and there's little doubt Belichick and the Patriots want him to stay as well; all that needs to happen is a meeting of common ground. McCourty gets the Patriot Way, and he also cares about his teammates and the success of the organization, which may cause him to demand less money, but don't expect him to be overly charitable. This is a business.

Unfortunately, Revis' contract situation is most likely the most pressing item on the Patriots' agenda, and will likely need to be resolved first before other free agents are addressed. Don't expect an immediate resolution to his contract anytime soon.

Unfortunately, teams will pursue McCourty relentlessly should he reach free agency. Teams like Indianapolis, New York (Giants), Chicago, and Jacksonville have all (unofficially) proclaimed interest in McCourty.

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