Judge Susan Garth doesn't want any crying in her courtroom

The judge overseeing the murder trial of ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez warned the victim's mother to not cry on the stand in front of jurors Wednesday, a reference to the two previous days she left the courtroom in tears when seeing photos of her son's body.

"I understand this is very emotional for you," the judge told Ursula Ward, the mother of Odin Lloyd who was set to testify for the first time. With the jury out of the room, Superior Court Judge Susan Garsh instructed her to "retain control of your emotions."

One day after a juror was removed from the murder case against Aaron Hernandez, Judge Susan Garth instructed Odin Lloyd's mother to control her emotions, and "not cry." Ursala Ward, whose 27 year old son was allegedly murdered by former Patriots' TE Aaron Hernandez, remained composed on the stand. Two other men, Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace have also been charged with Lloyd's murder and will be tried separately.

Ursala Ward refuted testimony by the defense team that her son and the NFL player, Aaron Hernandez were close. She stated that Hernandez and Odin had smoked marijuana together, but that they were not close friends. Her testimony contradicted the statement by Hernandez' attorneys that the two were friends and Hernandez had no reason to kill him.

Odin Lloyd, the former semi-pro football player was shot six times and his body left in an industrial park in North Attleborough, MA. This was only three miles and just six minutes from the home of Aaron Hernandez. Prosecutors are out to prove that Aaron Hernandez orchestrated the killing.

"You are not to cry," the judge said. "Yes, your honor," Ward replied. Ward then showed no emotion when she identified two photos of her son. "My son," Ward said after seeing the first photo. The defense did not cross-examine Ward. Ursala Ward had held her own for the prosecution.

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