Malcolm Butler: I was thinking interception

Super Bowl hero Malcolm Butler is still riding the high after his last second interception sealed the game.

It seems like just about everyone has shared their thoughts on the play call but what was Butler's thoughts as the play was happening.


Once they called goal-line, three corners, I just figured something was fishy, something was weird going on," he said. "The whole time I'm expecting [Seattle running back] Marshawn [Lynch] to run the ball, but I seen the formation, and I was like, 'This is the play I got beat on at practice.

I don't know how I was thinking interception, but yes I was," he said. "I knew if I broke that pass up, Marshawn was going in on the next play.

That's the type of heady play that Bill Belichick loves. Butler got beat on the play in practice, Belichick tells him he "needs to be on that" and then when Seattle tries to run that play in the game he is all over.

Belichick practices for everything, just so his players are ready for whatever they might see on the football field.

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