Michael Bennett shows lack of class in Super Bowl loss

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After the immaculate interception by Butler the game was not quite yet over. The Patriots offense still had to snap the ball and they were on their own 1 yard line. Brady kept giving the center the signal to snap the ball but the center never did. The Patriots may have been setting up the Seahawks to go off sides, and if that is true the plan worked. The incredibly talented Michael Bennett was accidentally pushed off sides by one of his own players, resulting in a 5 yard penalty that gave Brady and company plenty of room to kneel and kill the rest of the clock. Things didn't go as planned after Brady knelt with the ball as you can see below.

Emotions were running high and perhaps a Patriot player taunted Bennett a little bit, or maybe Bennett was just showing poor sportsmanship. Either way it was an ugly way to end a Super Bowl. The way Bennett behaved once the game was over makes me believe that he was simply being a sore loser.

According to writer Dan Hanzus of NFL.com Bennett was insulting reporters asking him question after the game and even targeted Hanzus himself. In the Super Bowl recap of the Around the NFL podcast Hanzus stated:

I asked my question and I said "What was the feeling on the sideline after that wild catch by Kearse which was followed almost immediately by that interception? Was there shock? What was the shock on the sideline?.... His response "About as shocked as your wife when she saw your penis for the first time." And then after a beat "Because it's small."

Hanzus went on to call the Seattle defensive lineman a dick on the podcast. Late last night Hanzus tweeted the following:

I can never understand what it feels like to lose a Super Bowl in such a way. I can't understand the frustration a man must feel when he comes so close to something he works so hard for on a record setting audience with over 100 million people watching. But Bennett needed to act like a professional. I mean the guy just won a Super Bowl last year, so it isn't like he missed out on the only opportunity to win the Lombardi trophy. Maybe he should simply give terse answers over and over again like Lynch instead of disrespecting reporters who are trying to do their job. Just eat your sour grapes instead of spitting them all over everyone.

On a different note, I highly recommend the Around the NFL podcast. Yes, the season is over but they provide a great weekly break down of all things NFL and it is entertaining as it is informative.

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