Percy Harvin the Patriot?

Could Percy become a Patriot? (Kathy Willens/ AP)
Currently, the chronic headache that is Percy Harvin is scheduled to make $10.5 million on the New York Jets next year. It is highly unlikely that the Jets will feel obliged to pay that sort of money, and it is even more unlikely that Harvin would take a pay cut to remain in the trainwreck that is the New York Jets.

Projecting that the Jets will cut Harvin, which would cost them nothing in dead money because none of the over $30 million dollars remaining in his contract is guaranteed, Jason La Canfora believes the Patriots would be a prime candidate to target the playmaker.

Why would the Patriots be interested in the locker room cancer that Harvin has proven to be? Because he is an explosive playmaker that could bring a type of speed that has never been on the Patriots offense before. Belichick was aimed to take him back in 2009 with the 23rd pick, but he was selected by the Vikings the pick before, causing the Patriots to trade away their pick.

Could the money work out? The Patriots are dancing on the line as it is, and they don't have much room to sign big name free agents. That said, Harvin is injured more often than not, and hasn't produced much in his career enough to warrant him a huge contract. All of this leads to Harvin not being able to command a lot of money on the open market. On top of that, the WR market this year has an influx of talent which means interest in Harvin would be minimized. At only 26, Harvin has a lot of career left if he can stay healthy, and could view the Patriots as his ticket to his next big contract.

If he plays well in a Brady-led offense, on a one year deal, he could look to cash in on hype and sign a bigger deal in the following year. For around $2-4 million base salary, with heavy play time/statistical incentive options involved, and little to no guaranteed money, this deal could be more feasible than most would think. With little or no guaranteed money, it would allow the Patriots to cut ties with him in camp if he isn't getting the memo about the offense and locker room.

Imagine Harvin returning kicks, taking end arounds, and being an occasional deep threat and screen option. The Patriots already have LaFell, Edelman, and Dobson to play the majority of the snaps at WR, which limits the wear Harvin would endure. If the money works out, this could be a risk worth taking.

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