Tom Brady the actor?

Boom Shakalaka
Tom Brady in movies after he's done with football? Where do I sign?

The future Hall-of-Famer and three-time Super Bowl MVP is interested in hitting the big screen whenever he hangs up the cleats, and he would probably be pretty good at it.

Aside from his forgettable appearance on Saturday Night Live in 2005, Brady has done a pretty good job whenever he's been given a chance to show off his acting chops. His first ever acting gig came in 2004 when he made a cameo in the the movie "Stuck On You," and is going to appear in the upcoming Entourage movie, as well as Ted 2. Both movies will be out this summer.

In both movies, Brady will portray himself. Just a few months ago he did a commercial in which he played a telemarketer talking about a fantasy football league and it was hilarious.

That being said, and maybe this is just me, I think it'd take some time for me to get used to seeing Brady in movies. Could you imagine him playing a serial killer, or some kind of serious role? Thre

Anyway, here are some highlights of Brady's short but solid acting career.

And this too (YouTube doesn't have an embed code for this for whatever reason).

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