Tom Brady: The Comeback King!


I simply can not put it any other way. With the defense looking shotty to say the least, Patriots fans near and far lost momentum, lost hair, life and faith.

But never fear, Tom Brady is here!

Brady, which New Englanders refer to as the comeback king, did it again. In the fourth quarter with the game on the line, Brady once again drove down the field multiple times and Brought the Patriots into the lead with 4 points. But the Seahawks had 2 minutes to go... we all know the rest......

To be totally honest, the original headline for this article was "Seattle's Defense overpowers Brady and Offense". But that had to change once Brady stepped his game up. The first half was rough to say the least but Brady and Belichick know how to end games, as we have seen.

Brady will go down as the greatest post season quarterback in NFL history. He has the most:

- Touchdowns
- Super Bowl Starts
- Completions in a Super Bowl

Not to mention he has 4 rings....

Now look at this to complete your night...

- Joshua Powers