Tom Brady ignites Facebook with Katy Perry Photoshop

Photo from Tom Brady Facebook page

“‘Cause Brady you’re a firework!”

Tom Brady stays winning. Coined as one of the greatest comebacks in Super Bowl history, the MVP led the team in a heart-wrenching battle overcoming the Seattle Seahawks 28-24.

Continuing throughout the season, Brady turned to Facebook to showcase his witty personality and to share with fans embarrassing photos from back in the day. One question in the back of our minds after the Super Bowl XLIX win was, ‘What masterpiece will Tom Brady post on Facebook?’

We certainly got our answer and a good laugh as well. Exiting her halftime performance, Katy Perry rode off on a shooting star. Leave it up to TB12 to Photoshop himself riding away into space (or in actuality the Arizona sunset) with the fitting caption, “#reachforthestars.”

With the epic win, Pats Nation will stay on Cloud 9 during the off season but we can only hope Tom will continue updating his page to keep us occupied and out of depression from lack of football.

#reachforthestars #thejobisfinished #immortal

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