Tom Brady's dad trashes Deflategate investigation

Chris Margot/Associated Press
Tom Brady's father, Tom Brady Sr., is not happy with the way the NFL has gone about the Deflategate investigation.

Per Darin Gantt of Pro Football Talk:

“The drip, drip, drip way that things have come out, . . . It’s a conniving way to do business. . . . There was no sting? B.S. They’ve never gauged footballs at halftime. He got screwed the past two weeks.”

Brady Sr. also said that the investigation news was bothering his son, but we all know how that worked out.

“All week long, Tommy said, ‘Take the high road,'” his father, Tom Brady Sr. said, via Seth Wickersham of

Brady has usually always taken the high road, so it's no surprise he did the same thing through all of this. No matter what happens in this investigation next, I would expect Brady to once again take the high road.

The investigation is expected to last several more weeks, and to our knowledge, Brady has still not been contacted regarding the matter.

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