Trent Dilfer eats his words

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Remember that time Trent Dilfer said that the Patriots were really bad and couldn't win a Super Bowl? Well, so does Julian Edelman. Minitron made a point to call out Dilfer in his post-game interview.

"I was on the team last year and you come back from a deficit in that Denver game," Edelman said. "We added a few key components this year. We still had that group. Those guys bought into the system, bought into that mental toughness. You go in and get our teeth kicked in by Kansas City and we lose that game. We come back and we win some games and now we're Super Bowl champs. What did Trent Dilfer say? The Patriots are the worst team and they can't win? It's unbelievable to hear that man say that. It's embarrassing for him."

And Dilfer owned it on Twitter, agreeing with Minitron that it was embarrassing. Here's what he had to say on Twitter:

Good for you, Trent. No, really. I was a little surprised that he owned it, but I'm glad he did. Not many people would come out and admit when they're wrong, but Dilfer did, so respect to him. Doesn't change my view of ESPN. They still stink.