Where's Darrelle Revis going? 5 potential destinations

Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images
As free agency looms, Patriots Life will get you prepped by looking at possible destinations for the Pats key players. Today on the table: Darrelle Revis. Note that some of these teams listed are pure speculation based on looking at their relevant stats from last year and cap space, not reported interest. In the case of the Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, and the Patriots, there has been some level of interest reported per multiple reports, which I'll touch on below.

1.) Buffalo Bills: As I mentioned above, the Bills do have some level of interest, according to ESPN. Rex Ryan coached Revis in New York before Revis moved to Tampa. Ryan was disappointed last year when the Jets didn't make a bigger push to get Revis when he became available, so you can be sure he'll want to make a push this time around. The Bills also have some cap room to work with. $31.2 million to be exact, so you would think they would be in the mix should Revis opt not to come back to New England.

2.) New York Jets: Staying in the AFC East, the Jets are also reported to have some interest in bringing Revis back. This is also interesting because the Jets are where Revis made his name. They also have about $51 mil in cap space, so they could offer Revis a lot of dough to come back to MetLife Stadium. Bringing Revis back would be a huge boost for the Jets defense, but I highly doubt bringing Revis back would make the Jets instant contenders.

3.) New England Patriots: The Patriots have made bringing Revis back a #1 priority, according to the Boston Herald, and you can see why. He made the Pats infinitely better on defense. He and fellow Pats corner Brandon Browner were one of the best 1-2 punches in all of football, which translated to a ring on the field. You can see why the Patriots wouldn't be in any hurry to break that up.

4.) Pittsburgh Steelers: The Pittsburgh Steelers are one good corner away from being real contenders in the AFC, and bringing Revis on board would vastly improve their defense. They ranked 27th in pass defense last year (253 YPG), so there's no denying it's an area of need if they want to be a contender next season. Their problem? They've only got $720k in cap space, so they'd need to let some players go and re-work a few contracts if they want to go after Revis. It's unlikely they do go after, but the Steelers secondary is an area of need.

5.) Denver Broncos: As I mentioned with Devin McCourty yesterday, the Broncos need to make their secondary a top-5 secondary if they want to be legit contenders. They have the cap space to bring some new blood on board at $28 million, so they could have some level of interest in bringing Revis on board to push them over the top and finally get Peyton that 2nd ring.

Again, I don't know what the level of interest would be if Revis doesn't work something out with the Pats, but the Pats have expressed their desire to keep Revis here. As I mentioned above, Revis is their #1 priority. If that's the case, it seems likely that they work something out with Revis before free agency even hits.

Stats from ESPN.com. Cap info from overthecap.com.