Aaron Dobson latest

Matt West/Boston Herald
According to the Boston Herald, Aaron Dobson is ready to begin a workout plan at the Fischer Institute in Arizona after injuries shortened his sophomore season. The institute has had a history with the Patriots, working with Darrelle Revis and Devin McCourty among others.

Dobson's recovery is expected to take 6-8 weeks, which means he would be back in time for the start of off-season workouts on April 20th, according to the Herald.

Brett Fischer, who runs the institute Dobson will be working, says that Dobson is determined to come back ready to impress:

“He was talking about, ‘When I go up there (to Foxboro) and they see me again, I want to make sure they know I’m in the best shape of my life.’ He is really determined,” Fischer said. “That is the underlying theme every day: ‘Hey, I’ve got to be ready when April comes, be ready as far as the best shape of my life.’ It’s frustrating with two years of freaky-type stuff.”

“He is doing great,” Fischer said. “I’m really excited for him. He has put the time and effort into it, comes in early, gets all his work in and he is hungry. There are a few specific things we found, minor little things we’re working on, that make his program a little bit unique to everybody else’s. Nothing major.

“It’s a matter of him developing some areas that were just a little weak and get him back on the field.”

According to the Herald, Fischer is developing a unique program to help Dobson improve his strength and flexibility in his lower half (he strained his hamstring against the Packers in Week 13), the Herald reports.

Fischer engineered a unique program to improve Dobson’s strength and flexibility in his lower half. As such, Dobson arrives at 8 a.m. each day for manual work on his legs, ankles and areas of the like. He then goes through dynamic core strengthening to develop his hips and core before a flexibility session to create additional flexibility to help his hips, knees, ankles and lower back. That leads to agility and speed drills. They mix it up with upper- and lower-body days and throw in some yoga sessions, work with the JUGS machine and hold meetings with a nutritionist.

Hopefully, it works and Dobson comes back better than ever and can develop into one of the Patriots key receivers next year. It definitely sounds like he's on the right path.